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Notify Your Medical Providers When Eligible For Medi-Cal

Once Medi-Cal or CMSP has been granted notify all your medical providers with your updated eligibility information. Your active Medi-Cal Identification Number will be needed by various medical billers to bill Medi-Cal for services you received. You will be billed and responsible for all services and billing incurred until you provide your active ID number with verified Medi-Cal eligibility for dates of service.  




You Will Receive Separate Billing For Various Medical Services




Keep in mind that one trip to the hospital will result in several service providers and medical entities being involved with your medical treatment.  Each will bill separately for the one visit.  You are responsible to provide your Medi-Cal ID number and eligibility information to each of the following if required. 


        Sutter Coast Hospital & Urgent Care (billed as one)

        Sutter Coast Community Clinic (behind hospital)

        ER Doctors- PA

        Attending Physicians- Hospitalist

        Cardiopulmonary- Physician

        Anesthesiology- Anesthetist

        Radiology- Physician


        Home Health Services

        Ambulance Services

        Emergency Air Flight


NOTE: For account information, bill balances, and payment arrangements please contact

Sutter Coast Hospital Business Services at 707-464-8894 Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM



This site is intended as a resource to provide Sutter Coast Hospital Patients better access to free or low cost medical coverage. For more help and information contact:


Debbie Youtsey - Patient Services - Sutter Coast Hospital

800 E. Washington Blvd. PO Box 2009 Crescent City CA 95531

Phone: (707)464-8960      Fax: (707)464-8839



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