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County Medical Services Program (CMSP) Information Web Links:

California Health Coverage Plans

CMSP Home Page

CMSP Questions & Answers

CMSP Eligibility Regulation Manual

CMSP All County Letters (ACLs)

CMSP Forms

CMSP Program Information Notice

CMSP Eligibility Summary Notice

Participating CMSP Counties

CMSP offers health coverage for low-income adults who: 



  • Are age 21-64
  • Have limited income and assets
  • Do not qualify for Medi-Cal
  • Live in one of the mainly rural 34 counties that participate in this program


BC Life & Health Insurance Company (BC Life & Health) administers this program for the CMSP Governing Board. The County Welfare Department in each of the participating counties determines eligibility for the program. Click here to find out if you are eligible. CMSP members receive health care services from participating doctors, hospitals, and clinics in the BC Life & Health/CMSP provider network.


Link: About CMSP  

What is covered, other important information.


Link: CMSP Health Education Resources 

About health programs and resources available to CMSP members


This site is intended as a resource to provide Sutter Coast Hospital Patients better access to free or low cost medical coverage. For more help and information contact:


Debbie Youtsey - Patient Services - Sutter Coast Hospital

800 E. Washington Blvd. PO Box 2009 Crescent City CA 95531

Phone: (707)464-8960      Fax: (707)464-8839



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