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Oregon Health Plan

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Oregon Health Plan – OHP


Hanscam Center

16399 Lower Harbor Rd, PO Box 2338, Harbor, OR 97415

Phone: (541) 469-5306  Fax: (541) 469-2928

Information Web Links:

Oregon Department of Human Services

Oregon Health Plan - OHP

Oregon Health Plan Q & A

Are You Eligible For OHP

Oregon Helps Program Prescreening Tool

How & Where to Apply For OHP

OHP Policies Rules & Guidlines

Oregon Health Plan Forms

This site is intended as a resource to provide Sutter Coast Hospital Patients better access to free or low cost medical coverage. For more help and information contact:


Debbie Youtsey - Patient Services - Sutter Coast Hospital

800 E. Washington Blvd. PO Box 2009 Crescent City CA 95531

Phone: (707)464-8960      Fax: (707)464-8839



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